Award Winning, Professional Artist Cheryl Ann Dixon

Award Winning Professional Artist

Hi there! I am Cheryl and I will be your Artist! I have been painting faces for about thirteen years. 

I started face painting in high school as a way to get volunteer experience for my resume's and college applications. I began painting faces at any chance I could, The Hawfeilds Jr Civitans, Ronald McDonald House, Duke Children's Classic, and church events. I found that I really enjoyed working with Children and having a chance to make them laugh.

Cheryl Ann Dixon

I was fortunate to meet other artists who helped train and mold me into the artist I am today!

In 2009 my artist friends took me to FABAIC,  The Face and Body Art international Convention hosted in Orlando, Florida. That was an incredible experience! I took classes from famous face and effects artists and was able to compete with what I learned as a novice face painter, and I came in 2nd place internationally!


Again in 2017, I competed at the International Face and Body Art Convention and came in 2nd place for the Advanced Professional Face painting competition, an honor which completely took me by surprise because the competition was amazing! 


Face Painting is fun for children of all ages because it inspires the imagination! Shy little​ girls suddenly become divas and tigers, boys become pirates and zombies.
This Transformation occurs
immediately after a face painting
is complete. I hold up my hand
held mirror and catch that rare
glimpse of enthusiasm and


​That first time they see themselves
transformed, I get to witness that
shock, glee, humor and even fear in little ones who do not recognize themselves. That initial raw emotion is always followed immediately by a grin of approval. This is why I love my job. I adore what I do, I make smiles happen.



Thanks so much!

        Cheryl Ann

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