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Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions are quick and easy! The top of the hair feather looks similar to the end of a shoelace and is crimped into the hair with a special bead designed to blend in with your hair color.

Hair Feather extensions can be washed, dried, straightened and curled just as your own hair can be, however be careful while brushing your hair because you do not want to snag your extensions at the root!

The Feathers can stay in for up to two weeks. Once the hair has grown out a few inches, you can remove the feather by using small pliers to open the crimping bead. If you are careful you can  relocate it to use it again!

Hair Wraps

Hair Wraps

Hair Wraps are not difficult and only take on average about 10 minutes to complete.


A hair wrap is a small lock of your hair, braided and wrapped with thread (the same kind used to make friendship bracelets).

You may choose 3 to 4 colors and we wrap them around and down the length of the braid until it is finished, then we tie it off and clip the remaining thread.


Hair wraps can remain in your hair for up to three weeks, however they do grow out with your hair. You may wash and dry your hair as usual but you want to be careful brushing near the wraps.


To remove a hair wrap simply clip the tied end at the bottom and slide it down the hair braid. The coiled threads left over make a good keep sake book mark!


Hair Chalk


Literally, Chalk. For your hair!


Temporary, washes right out!

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