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Body Art & Face Painting

Body Art & Face Painting

A good face painting and a bit of imagination will transform you into anything you want to be!

One of my absolute favorite things about face painting is the reaction I get from children responding to their newly painted reflections in my hand mirror. It is truly delightful for me to witness the glee, surprise, terror and amusement these children and adults express at that glimpse.

Face Paint will stay on all day as long as it is dry. Once the makeup has dried you may touch it, however if you continue to rub it the colors may fade after a time. As long as the design is dry it is awesome. However if it gets wet and smudged it will wipe right off.


Face paint and hand painted body art can be whatever you like and is very temporary so you can wipe it off just in time for dinner!

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Temporary Tattoos


Glitter Tattoos are quick and easy to apply. Choose your design, your artist will have a variety of stencils and glitter to choose from.

We prep skin with an alcohol swab to remove any lotions or oils. Then we apply the sticker stencil of your choice. Brush on a cosmetic grade body glue specially made for use on skin, let that dry and turn clear, then poof the glitter colors of your choice onto the stencil. Slowly remove the sticker and wipe away the excess glitter. Your Resulting Glitter Tattoo will be waterproof for up to 8 days!


Glitter Tattoos are ready to go immediately after application for rough and tumble play or pool party fun! Glitter Tattoos are water proof but can easily be removed using baby oil on a cloth as needed.

Henna Tattoos

Henna Temporary Tattoos


Henna is made from the leaves of the Henna plant and has been used for hundreds of years and is perfectly safe. Any responsible Henna artist will tell you honestly what’s in their Henna mixture.

Natural Henna will stain the skin to a color between burnt orange and a dark brown. You should be wary of anyone promising to give you a black henna tattoo. Natural henna will smell quite herbal and will be a color somewhere between an olive green and greenish brown with a paste-like consistency which is usually piped onto the skin like icing a cake.

A Henna Tattoo will stain best on the hands and feet. Applying a dab of citrus juice to it may help the skin absorb the stain better. For a darker, longer lasting stain it is best to leave the henna on your skin, unobstructed, for at least 8 hours if at all possible.


Everybody has different skin and so the Henna Tattoo stain can vary from person to person. For most the stain gets darker on the 3rd day and usually lasts up to 12 days

Metallic Foil Tattoos


Metattic Foil Tattoos are temporary tattoos which come in either a gold foil or a silver foil.


They are waterproof, which makes them a great addition to any pool party!


You apply them the same way you apply most temporary tattoos, by pressing the design where you would like and rubbing water along the back side until the design stays put. 


Foil tattoos can easily be removed with baby oil on a cotton ball!




Depending on the individual's skin type and the location of the foil tattoo, it may last up to 7 days!

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