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North Carolina

The theatrical makeup we use is FDA approved and hypoallergenic.

It is designed to be antimicrobial and has a wonderful coconut aroma.

We will always use a clean sponge makeup applicator for each individual to prevent the spread of germs.


We also sanitize our brushes with 70% isopropyl alcohol throughout the day as needed.


Removal is fast and easy! Simply use a soapy cloth or baby wipe to easily wipe away face paint at the end of the day.

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Fun, Fast & Professional Art! Great for any event!

Face Paint                               Glitter Tattoos

Henna Tattoos                        Hair Wraps

Feather Hair Extensions       Murals

  • Face Paint Doesn't Have to be Ordinary, Make Your Next Event Extraordinary!

Welcome to Phantom FX
Face & Body Art

Painting North Carolina;



 Winston Salem


 Burlington/ Graham 


 Hillsborough/Chapel Hill, Durham/Raleigh.

Wherever your event is, we come to you!

Latest Work

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